Board of Directors

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Brian Heritage

Vice President
Scott Thompson

Keith Eaves

John James Ryan

Exec Shoreline Director
Samantha Keown

Industry Advisers
Mark Neustadter, Greg Mesanko,
Randy Townsend

Shoreline Districts

The New Jersey coastline is divided into five distinct districts with equal representation to ensure no person, event or place is over looked. The Shoreline Directors submit their nominations to the Voting Board for final Induction voting. Additionally the Shoreline Directors act as liaison’s with the New Jersey Surfing Hall of Fame representing the pulse of its shoreline.

Voting Board:

Richard Meseroll, John Coen,
Doc Rosenblatt, Jeff Salmon,
Kevin Casey, Lisa Roselli, Mike May

Vince Troniec, Bob McLaughlin

North Shoreline Directors
(Sandy Hook to Manasquan Inlet)

Joseph Schluter, Gary Finnigan Sr., Donna Fortney, Keith Noonan

Central Shoreline Directors
(Jenks to Island Beach State Park)

Eddie O’Kinski, Bobby Howell, Ray Hallgreen / Alternate: Ellie Keck

Long Beach Island Directors

Dave Werner, Kyle Gronostajski, Mary Buck Frack

Atlantic Shoreline Directors

Paul Pallitto, James Kirk, Tom O’Brien / Alternate: Tom McClaren

Cape May Shoreline Directors

Kevin Morris, Jamie Kelly, Scott Orunthup / Alternate: Mike Monroe

NOTE: If a currently serving member of the Induction or Selection Committees should be nominated for New Jersey Hall of Fame inclusion, they are temporarily removed from the induction committee and all resulting dialogue during that years committee selection process. They are then replaced by an alternate for that specific induction year.


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