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For nominations, you can either visit our online submission form or download and fill out our “fillable” NJSHOF Nomination Form PDF and email it to

The New Jersey Surfing Hall of Fame through an independent selection committee will induct surfers, photographers, videographers, industry excellence and those demonstrating lifetime achievement with the highest level of distinction during their period of significance every two years. The new Inductees will be honored every other year in the month of May by officially celebrating their entry into the New Jersey Surfing Hall of Fame with a prestigious event attended by our surfing public at large.

Every nominee’s bio is carefully reviewed by established criteria to determine their sphere of influence, time of dominance, media presence and or lifetime achievement. Nominees will have demonstrated one or all of the required criteria below with period dominance for induction into the New Jersey Surfing Hall of Fame.

The 2019 NJSHOF Induction Ceremony is coming up in 2 weeks on May 31st and starting today, you can participate in the silent auction for works from our 2019 featured photographers and artists held online at the following link

Induction Events:

The New Jersey surfing Hall of Fame will induct new members into its Hall every two years. The next induction will take place in May of 2019.

During induction years 5 shoreline districts will submit 4 representative nominee bios each to the NJSHOF induction committee by December 17th, 2018. Between February 1st and February 15th, 2019 the independent Induction Committee will review nominee bios under established criteria and career significance. Of the twenty nominees submitted, twelve legends will be inducted into the New Jersey Surfing Hall of Fame. The remaining 8 nominees not selected are eligible for induction in perpetuity thereafter and is of itself a prestigious lifetime achievement. As such these nominees will also hold special recognition with the New Surfing Hall of Fame forever.

Induction Criteria:

  • Media presence / Sphere of Influence
  • Competition record
  • Lifetime or special achievements
  • Contributions to NJ surfing community
  • Induction to other recognized Surfing Hall of Fames
  • Eligibility age – 40 and above


Download fillable NJSOHOF Nomination Form PDF

Click here to fill out and submit via online submission form.



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