To Celebrate, Promote & Interpret the Surf Culture
and its Heritage in New Jersey

The New Jersey Surfing Hall Of Fame is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) and a 509(a) public charity. Every dollar we raise goes to defray the cost of advancing our mission of honoring our sport/art and its practitioners, preserving our history and advancing our culture.

We strive to honor our surfers, artists, media/photographers and those with significant achievements in our surf community from Sandy Hook to Cape May. Many of these coastal towns boast world-class surfers and achievements.

With it’s headquarters located at the Tuckerton Seaport Museum at 120 West Main St in Tuckerton, NJ, The New Jersey Surfing Hall of Fame is an historically conscious organization dedicated to preserving New Jersey’s rich heritage of it’s place in the surfing world. We forever enshrine its people of significance who are responsible for its development, culture and creative lore. And therefore we preserve its legacy of historically valuable timeliness, people, images and places in Surfing New Jersey.


ON JUNE 15TH 2015 – 23 Surfers gathered to form a temporary steering committee. The committee then identified candidates and organizational needs by a timeline of necessity. The individuals below were elected or appointed to their respective positions by the steering committee by and unanimous consensus vote. With Steering Committee oversight the New Jersey Surfing Hall of Fame Board was empowered to build sustainable structure and financing therefore ensuring a long and healthy life for the New Jersey Surfing Hall of Fame.
… And history was made.

The Initial Steering Committee

Gary Germain
Steve Dwyer
John James Ryan
Brian Heritage
Keith Eaves
Richard Meseroll
Doc Rosenblatt
Bob Duerr
Mark Sisom
Jeff Salmon
John Faren
Kim Fiorigilo
Jamie Kelly
Jim Kirk
Kris Kopsaftis
Chris May
Mike May
Bob McLaughlin
Greg Mesanko
Kevin Morris
Eddy O’Kinsky
Kent Tomaselli
Dave Zietz

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